Microsoft Creating Xbox One Headset Adapter for Xbox 360 Headphones

Earlier this week Microsoft revealed that their new next-generation Xbox One games console will not be shipping with a headset included in the box.

The reason for this Microsoft explained was that the bundle which include a Microsoft Kinect motion gesture control which also includes a microphone. However if gamers do prefer using a headset then a new official Xbox One headset is sold separately and is called the Xbox One Chat Headset.

Xbox One5 Microsoft Creating Xbox One Headset Adapter for Xbox 360 Headphones

The Xbox One Chat Headset has yet to be priced but is fitted with a unique connection rather than a standard 3.5mm headphone socket. However it now seems that Microsoft is working on creating an adapter for the Xbox One console that will enable gamers to use their old Xbox 360 headsets if preferred.

Microsoft explained via Twitter: “We are working to develop an adapter for current wired headsets to connect. More details as we approach launch,”. Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t reveal whether the new headphone Xbox One adapter would be included with the console or sold separately as an Xbox One accessory. As more information is made available we will keep you updated as always.

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