Ubisoft executives fined €1.2m for alleged insider trading

Five Ubisoft executives, including Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat, are in hot water after the french stock market regulatory commission Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) has fined the employees a cumulative total of over €1.2m.

As reported by Kotaku, the AMF alleges that the five executives intentionally sold mass amounts of stock in early October 2013, mere days before the announcement that Watch Dogs and The Crew were being delayed until 2014. Following the slip in schedule, Ubisoft stock dropped by roughly 26 per cent.

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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Steam release date set just after New Year’s

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s seconds DLC expansion, Afterbirth+, is coming to Steam on 3rd January, developer Edmund McMillen has announced.

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Pewdiepie hits 50m subscribers, claims he’ll delete channel today

Pewdiepie, YouTube’s most subscribed channel owner and by far its biggest gaming star, last night became the first to ever hit 50m subscriber milestone.

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A Good Guide To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Video Games

Video games are becoming a commonplace in homes everywhere. Virtually every modern household includes a gaming console or two, or a computer with more than a few games on it. Although this is true, many people can use some help when it comes to video games. Utilize this article in an effort to get the best from your games and your time.

Be aware of game ratings. Since they are not only made for children, you cannot assume they are all family friendly. The rating system begins at EC for children aged 3 and older and ends at AO (Adults Only.) If you are gifting a video game, be sure that it is age-appropriate. Read More

MOBA / shooter Gigantic launches open beta on Xbox One and PC

Want to play a game with a giant friendly beast and you don’t have a PS4 for The Last Guardian? You may be in luck as third-person shooter / MOBA hybrid Gigantic, which features fighting alongside a colossal beast that will terrorise your opposition once adequately charged, has launched its open beta today on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One via Microsoft’s Game Preview Program.

Gigantic is centered around 5v5 team-based combat wherein players choose between 16 Heroes, each with their own comprehensive skill tree. Claiming points on the map will summon in various allied creatures that will aid your team in different ways.

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NieR: Automata’s PS4 demo draws nier

NieR: Automata, Platinum Games’ sequel to Square Enix’s delightfully bonkers action-adventure Nier, is getting a PS4 demo on 22nd December.

The demo will be set in an abandoned factory as android 2B and their companions seek to destroy a massive weapon within. My guess is that it will be the robot boss battle revealed from the E3 trailer.

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Elite Dangerous headed to PlayStation 4 in Q2 2017

Deep space exploration game Elite Dangerous, already available on PC and Xbox One, will finally touch down on PlayStation 4 in Q2 2017, developer Frontier Games has announced.

This new PS4 version will include touchpad controls to allow you to easily swipe through your Milky Way navigation and customise four “hotkeys” via the touchpad to quickly access features which tie into your play style.

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